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Hippos made of stone by Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Animalistics,    Bull,    Dachshund,    Dog,    Dolerite,    Horse,    Jasper,    Living eye,    Philosophical composition,    Pyrite,    Quartzite,    Rhinoceros,    Rock crystal,    Stamp,    Volumetric mosaic
Quartz stone hippo by hardstone carving artist Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Rock crystal cutting artwork “Hippo”

This work is mentioned by art critic Valentin Skurlov in his article on the creativity of Dmitriy. Rock crystal cutting artwork “Hippo” made in animalistics genre by Dmitriy Emelyanenko. Work is made of rock crystal, stand made of dolerite, eyes from carnelian. The artwork was included in the catalog “Jewelry Art of the Urals”, the…
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Stone cutting artwork Hippo Tray by Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Stone cutting artwork “Hippo Tray”

Stone cutting artwork “Hippo Tray” made in animalistics genre by stonecutter artist Dmitriy Emelyanenko. Stone tray in the form of a hippo head rising above the water. The work was done from Aushkul jasper, teeth from Beloretsk quartzite. The “technology of the volume of the living eye” is applied in the work. Eyes made of…
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