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Hardstone carving works of Dmitriy Emelyanenko embodied in the form of a chameleon

Animalistics,    Bull,    Dachshund,    Dog,    Dolerite,    Horse,    Jasper,    Living eye,    Philosophical composition,    Pyrite,    Quartzite,    Rhinoceros,    Rock crystal,    Stamp,    Volumetric mosaic
Hardstone carving work Chameleon by stone carver Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Hardstone carving artwork “Chameleon”

Hardstone carving artwork “Chameleon” created in animalistics genre by hardstone carver Dmitriy Emelyanenko. The chameleon is made of solid turquoise stone. Eyes is made of carnelian. Artwork was created in 2003.

Stone cutting work Chameleon by artist Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Stone carving work “Chameleon”

Stone carving work “Chameleon”, created in animalistics genre by stone carver Dmitriy Emelyanenko. The artwork is a watch on which a chameleon climbs. The work is made of Kalyvan jasper, eyes made of garnet. Artwork was created in 2001.

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