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Hardstone carving

11.05.2015 | News

Stone-cutting artist Dmitriy Emelyanenko decided to devote his life to hardstone carving art in the distant 80s, enrolling in art school No. 42 in 1981 as a stone carver. Since that time, hardstone carving art has become an integral part of the life of Dmitriy Emelyanenko.

By the end of the 80s, working in the production association «Ural Quartz Gems», Dmitriy Emelyanenko had already reached a very high level of skill in stone carving art.

At the «Ural Quartz Gems», the stone-cutting artist performed more than a hundred hardstone-cutting figures, of which about fifty are made of quartz, it is worth noting that the rock crystal carving is very difficult due to the fragility of the material. Here Dmitriy Emelyanenko invented his own unique technology for polishing soft stone.

Hardstone carving work Basset by Dmitriy Emelyanenko
Hardstone carving work Basset by Dmitriy Emelyanenko
Hardstone carving work Evening parties by gemcutter Dmitriy Emelyanenko
Hardstone carving work Evening parties by gemcutter Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Here, co-authored with Anatoly Zhukov and Roman Tyrlov, impressed by the work of Vasily Konovalenko, in 1987 the first three figured compositions of the Evening parties were performed. Then, in 1988 at an exhibition in New York, these hardstone carving works received positive feedback from Vasily Konovalenko himself.

In the early 90s, Dmitriy Emelyanenko, in order to independently engage in hardstone carving art, together with other stone-cutting artists, opens his own stone carving company, “Yakhont and Co.”, independently.

At Yakhont & Co., Dmitriy works mainly in the Russian National Types genre using volumetric mosaic technique. In an effort to improve the artistic level of works of stone carving art, in 1992 he invented the technology of staging the eyes from the inside, which today has mastered the majority of Russian masters of stone-carving art.

In the late 90s, leaving the company “Yakhont and Co.”, Dmitriy Emelyanenko creates his own creative hardstone carving workshop, in which he begins to work mainly in the genre of hardstone-cutting art as animalistics.

Working in his creative workshop, Dmitriy continues to invent technological innovations in stone carving art. So in 2002, the stone-cutting artist came up with the technology of living eye volume for his works of hardstone carving art in the genre of animalistics. The new technology made it possible to give simply colossal expressiveness to the works of Dmitriy Emelyanenko.

In addition to animalistics, the author sometimes creates such works of hardstone carving art as “Unity” and “Contemplation”, which he calls philosophical compositions.

Stone carving artwork Dachshund by Dmitriy Emelyanenko
Stone carving artwork Dachshund by Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Dmitriy Emelyanenko is a true master of his craft. Hardstone carving art has taken one of the leading roles in the life of a stone-cutting artist. Not for nothing that the author was awarded the highest award in stone carving art – the Order of A.K. Denisov-Uralsky.

Dmitriy Emelyanenko is one of the few authors who creates and implements technological innovations that can significantly expand the scope of stone-cutting art. Which allow you to show hardstone-cutting art and stone from a new previously unknown side.

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Gemstone carving artwork Snail by Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Gemstone carving artwork “Snail”

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Transparent quartz cutting work Sea wave by stone carver Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Transparent quartz cutting work “Sea ​​wave”

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