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News about stone carving artist Dmitriy Emelyanenko

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Rock crystal carving in creativity of Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Rock crystal carving

Rock crystal carving is one of the rather complicated processes in hardstone carving art. Quartz, it is rock crystal, is not very easy to process material. Quartz is fragile enough and requires an extremely careful attitude. He does not forgive the mistakes of the master who took up work with him, but generously rewards those…
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Hardstone carving art of Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Hardstone carving

Stone-cutting artist Dmitriy Emelyanenko decided to devote his life to hardstone carving art in the distant 80s, enrolling in art school No. 42 in 1981 as a stone carver. Since that time, hardstone carving art has become an integral part of the life of Dmitriy Emelyanenko. By the end of the 80s, working in the…
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Dmitriy Emelyanenko master of stone carving art

Art critic Valentin Skurlov on creativity of stone-cutting artist Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Only in the last 20 years, artists with high craftsmanship came in stone carving art. If we consider the place of Dmitriy Emelyanenko in a regional aspect, then he, in the Urals, is one of the gifted. The creative style of Emelyanenko is recognizable in the all-Russian and international context. His things are the coveted…
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Dmitriy Emelyanenko awarded Order of Denisov-Uralsky

Dmitriy Emelyanenko was awarded the Order of Denisov-Uralsky

Artist Dmitriy Emelyanenko was awarded the Order of A. K. Denisov-Uralsky for outstanding services in the preservation and development of the best traditions of Russian stone-carving art.

Dmitriy Emelyanenko in The catalog Jewelry Art of the Urals

The catalog “Jewelry Art of the Urals”

The artworks of stone carver Dmitriy Emelyanenko are published in the catalog “Jewelry Art of the Urals”. The publication is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the section of stone carving and jewelry art of the Ekaterinburg branch of the Union of Artists of Russia. The catalog includes Dmitriy’s works: Rock crystal cutting artwork “Hippo”…
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Company "Yakhont & Co."

Dmitriy Emelyanenko establishes his own company “Yakhont & Co.”

In 1991, Dmitriy Emelyanenko, together with other stone carvers, establishes his own company, “Yakhont and Co.” The company’s production was located on the ground floor of the city council building. The company “Yakhont and Co.” became the first private company in Ekaterinburg to produce stone-carving figures in the early 1990s. The main focus of the…
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Dmitriy Emelyanenko worked at Ural Quartz Gems

Dmitriy Emelyanenko worked at «Ural Quartz Gems»

After serving in the army, in 1987, Dmitriy Emelyanenko worked at the Ural production association “Ural Quartz Gems” as a stone-carver. Working at “Ural Quartz Gems”, Dmitriy created his own unique technology for industrial polishing of soft stone. After finishing work at Ural Quartz Gems, Dmitriy established his own company, Yakhont and Co.

Ashgabat Station

Dmitriy Emelyanenko served in the KTurkVO of the Soviet army in Ashgabat

At the end of 1985, Dmitriy Emelyanenko was drafted into the ranks of the Soviet army. He served in the KTurkVO (Red Banner Turkestan Military District) in Ashgabat. The Turkestan military district was created during the military reform of 1874, carried out in Russia by Minister D. Milyutin, when the entire territory of Russia was…
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Sverdlovsk City Art Vocational Technical School No. 42

Dmitriy Emelyanenko entered the Sverdlovsk City Art Vocational Technical School №42

In 1981, after graduating from Levikhinsky secondary school No. 17, Dmitriy Emelyanenko entered the Sverdlovsk City Art Vocational Technical School No. 42, from which many well-known Ural craftsmen stone carvers and jewelers came out. He studied in the specialty “carver for artistic stone processing”.

The village of Leviha, the birthplace of Dmitriy Emelyanenko

March 6, 1966 Dmitriy Emelyanenko was born

March 6, 1966 in the village of Levikha, Kirovgrad district of the Sverdlovsk region in the family of a miner, Dmitriy Emelyanenko was born, in the future became a famous Ural stone carver artist. Dmitriy Emelyanenko has six brothers and a sister.

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