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Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Stone carver artist, master of stone carving art

Animalistics artist

The works in animalistics genre, carving animal figures from stone.

Living eye technology

The works with unique technology of the volume of the living eye.

Rock crystal carving

Carving works of solid crystals of rock crystal.

Volumetric mosaic

The works in the classic Russian style of volumetric mosaic.


of stone carving by artist
Dmitriy Emelyanenko

The favorite genre of the master is animalistics. In the work of Dmitriy Emelyanenko, stone carving works of this genre are interspersed with artworks that the author calls philosophical compositions. Dmitriy Emelyanenko performs many of his artworks on the orders of art collectors, but does not forget about free creativity.

Stone carving dog dachshund Stone carving dog by Dmitriy Emelyanenko
Stone snail by Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Stone carving art awards

Stone carving art awards of Dmitriy Emelyanenko for the outstanding contribution made to the development of stone-cutting.

Order of Denisov-Uralsky

Dmitriy Emelyanenko was awarded the Order of A. K. Denisov-Uralsky for outstanding services in the preservation and development of the best traditions of Russian stone-carving art.

Diploma Gems of Russia

Dmitriy Emelyanenko was awarded the diploma «Gems of Russia» for the high artistic level of the submitted artworks and active participation in the exhibition.

Gratitude for exhibition

Dmitriy Emelyanenko was awarded the gratitude from the director of the Nizhny Tagil Museum of Fine Arts for participating in exhibition.


Stone carver artist biography

Dmitriy Emelyanenko from an early age showed interest in stone. And right after school, having received the specialty of stone carver artist, took up creative activities.


Born on March 6, 1966 in the village of Levikha, Sverdlovsk Region.


Graduated from the Sverdlovsk City Art Vocational Technical School №42, with a degree in stone carver artist.


Served in the Soviet army, in the KTurkVO (Red Banner Turkestan Military District) in Ashgabat.


Worked in the production association «Ural Quartz Gems». Founded his own company «Yakhont & Co».


Stone carving working process

A long and complex process of stone carving is preceded by several equally difficult stages of collecting and studying information about the created model, only after which can start cutting stone.


In the beginning, the behavior of the object in the environment is studied in detail.


After studying, several sketches of the future object are made.


Then, based on the sketches made, a model of the object is molded from plasticine.


When the plasticine model is completed, stone carving begins according to the model.

Portfolio Stone Artworks

Portfolio stone carving artworks by artist Dmitriy Emelyanenko. All artworks are handmade of precious and semiprecious stones.

Stone snail by Dmitriy Emelyanenko
Stone carving dog dachshund
Stone carving dog by Dmitriy Emelyanenko
Hippo stone carving art by Dmitriy Emelyanenko
Stone carving chameleon by Dmitriy Emelyanenko
Quartz stone hippo by Dmitriy Emelyanenko
Stone turtle by stone carver Dmitriy Emelyanenko
Stone work Frog by Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Client Testimonials

Here’s what clients say, for whom Dmitriy Emelyanenko made most stone carvings artworks:

Very beautiful artworks. Amazed by the high elaboration of small parts. Very high-quality selection of stones and processing at a high level of skill. I am very pleased with the cooperation.

Yoshiko San

CEO Iskra Company

Company of Dmitriy Emelyanenko «Yakhont & Co.», made for my collection a large number of stone carving figures in the genre of «Russian types». All artworks have a high artistic level.

Nikolay Timofeev

President of the Ural Gold-Platinum Company

Dmitriy made a lot of great stone artwork in the style of animalistics for me. I admire the accuracy with which the author embodies his ideas in stone. Artist feels the stone very subtly.

Yuriy Yakutin

CEO Economic newspaper


Achievements of stonecutter artist Dmitriy Emelyanenko expressed in numbers:


AUTHOR artworks


happy clients



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Our Team

The team leading work on this web resource dedicated to the activities of stone carver artist Dmitriy Emelyanenko. You can always contact any of the team members on social networks, we are open for interaction.

Dmitriy Emelyanenko

Stone carver artist

Roman Emelyanenko

Art manager

Olga Emelyanenko


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